Save money on your property tax bill

We LOWERED assessments by -10% to -43%

SBPTA helps property owners reduce their tax payments by up to 50% across North Carolina.

Normally, commercial properties include a wide variety of real estate. Whether a convenience store, a restaurant, or a strip mall, SBPTA has experience with all these types of properties. 

Now, the small businesses that either own or lease their property, are some of the hardest working people that I know. They don’t have time for going through a property tax appeal. Just have the information ready on what you have in personal property in the building, as opposed to real property. We’ll be happy to guide you through this process as we are professionals in this area.

Finally, hire the appropriate professional and you’ll get the best results. Remember, you Save Nothing, you Pay Nothing!

Why choose us?

97% Successful Appeals
No Upfront Costs​
Minimum 3 to 1 return​

Case Studies

SAVED $4,635


Strip Center

  • Before Assessed Value $6,385,800
  • After Assessed Value $5,634,500
  • Decreased AV by -12%

SAVED $1,455



  • Before Assessed Value $2,286,900
  • After Assessed Value $2,051,000
  • Decreased AV by -10%

SAVED $12,469


Convenience Store

  • Before Assessed Value $4,729,330
  • After Assessed Value $2,708,150
  • Decreased AV by -43%

Properties We Have Assessed