What is Referral Program?

The referral program is intended for anyone. If you know somebody that needs a tax appeal, then we would love to have the opportunity to provide a free analysis. The referral program is simple. Provide the information below and identify a referral name. Most people use their name while others use a code. Regardless, any new client that we get from your referral will result in a 10% referral fee paid directly to you. I get great joy in receiving phone calls and e-mails from friends, colleagues, and others when they receive a check in their mailbox.

If you are a broker, we have received mixed messages from realtor organizations. Some contend since our services do not involve leasing or sales of real estate or any other transaction, the referral is outside the regulations as a broker.

Some have indicated that in the promotion of transparency, you should inform your client that if we can save money, SBPTA will pay a referral fee to the real estate professional. Please check with you BIC to ensure you follow the appropriate disclosure rules as SBPTA is a consulting company and not part of your profession.

Leasing agents, property managers and a variety of real estate professionals can use SBPTA as a value-added service to your customers. Revaluations typically occur every four years and it can provide you the opportunity to reach out to your customers. Customer relations is critical in the real estate world. Given the Free Preliminary Analysis to your client, there is no risk to them. If we find that there are discrepancies with the property and the schedule of values, then we can help your client maximize the net operating income of their property and/or avert the difficult task of telling tenants that you are raising their common area maintenance charge (CAM) which are reimbursable expenses that typically include property taxes.