Our Mission

For over 15 years, we have seen small businesses paying too much in the cases of property tax, be they, owners or tenants. The mission of Small Business Property Tax Advisors is to provide services for small businesses on a contingency basis. We protect property owners and governmental agencies with the same argument as we intend for properties to be assessed their fair share and no more.

We help owners of many property types

Testimonials & Partners

Jeanne K.
Jeanne K.
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We wanted an appraisal to appeal our property taxes. Mr. Berkowitz obtained a settlement above our expectations with no appraisal. He spent the time to explain the best way to move forward. Huge Savings!
Keith N.
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I have used Mr. Berkowitz’s services on a variety of properties and he always presented information that was compelling and persuasive. I highly recommend Mr. Berkowitz.
Dan H.
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I have known Michael Berkowitz since High School. He saved me over $60,000 in property taxes. That is a lot of money for a small business like mine.
Ian P.
Director of Facilities
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We appealed our property taxes and received no change in value. We engaged Mr. Berkowitz, who saved us over $30,000 annually. A job well done!

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About Us

We have assembled a group of professionals at SBPTA to ensure an orderly appeal process. Researchers, administrative assistants and client relation specialists have been assembled to ensure a smooth appeal process for our clients. Click here to learn more about our team!​

Our Achievements

Why choose us?

97% Successful Appeals
No Upfront Costs​
Minimum 3 to 1 return​

Why Hire An Appraiser

Property tax appeal services are provided by a variety of professionals including lawyers, accountants and brokers. An appraiser is a professional in property valuation, which is the reason for any appeal. Many of my clients are lawyers and other professionals that do not have the expertise of an appraiser.

I have been presented as an expert witness in over 40 jurisdictions in North Carolina and around the country. A lawyer is not required nor needed during the local appeal process. If you have a toothache, would you call a lawyer? Appraisers have their own dictionary and speak the language of valuation. If you decide to appeal, then engage a real estate expert and cut out the middle man.

The Property Appeal Process

  • Typically, you only have 30 days to file an appeal. Do not miss deadlines.
  • When filing appeals, the County will ask for information. Simply state in process.
  • Gather County data used for the assessment
  • Determine the correlation between data used and schedule of values
  • Inform you whether we see an opportunity.
    • If no, then know that your assessment is a reasonable application of the schedule of values published by the County.
    • If yes, provide you with an engagement letter that details what we will do and how much it will cost if we save you money.
  • Some Counties require a Power of Attorney for us to negotiate on your behalf. We will need the form signed and notarized for us to work with some Counties.
  • We may request information including rent roll, expenses and other information that would assist us in supporting a reduction in the assessed value.
  • We may request to visit the property and perform a visual inspection.
  • We negotiate with County
  • Then, we receive an offer from County
  • And, we discuss options with you
    • Accept the offer – the appeal is complete (97% of clients accept negotiated offer)
  • Will need to prepare documents for local Board of Equalization and Review (BER)
  • Present research to the Board for consideration
  • Negatives of having a formal review
    • The offer from the informal review is gone.
    • Now, the assessed value reverts to the original number.
    • And, the Board could raise the assessed value if the Board sees it as reasonable.
  • Positives of formal review
    • The County does not want formal reviews as a drain on their limited resources
    • Some large adjustments are outside the purview of the assessor
  • An attorney is required
  • Appraisal is required
  • Expect minimum of $30K in expenses to bring appeal to the commission
  • PTC are typically appointed by governor



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