We are SBPTA

We have assembled a group of professionals at SBPTA to ensure an orderly appeal process. Researchers, administrative assistants and client relation specialists have been assembled to ensure a smooth appeal process for our clients. During the appeal process, you will likely be contacted by some, if not all members of our team.

Each member of our team will focus on certain elements of the appeal process. To ensure the best results from your appeal, please provide information requested, if any, in a timely manner. Our team is available and will respond to your inquiries as soon as possible. If anyone on our team does not have the answer, then they will coordinate with the appropriate team member and get back to you.

You as the property owner, know your property better than anyone and your input will likely be needed to ensure the best possible results. We look forward to working with you and ask that you sign up for your Free Property Analysis.

ABOUT Founder

Michael Berkowitz

Michael Berkowitz is the current owner of MPB Real Estate. Mr. Berkowitz has been a Certified General Appraiser since 2003 and has provided appraisal and consulting services for real property across the spectrum of property types. Mr. Berkowitz is a single father of three boys and resides in Concord, North Carolina. Michael graduated from Providence Day School in 1985 and Duke University in 1989.

For several years, Michael worked in the wireless data industry as the Regional Director of Sales with clients including several Fortune 500 Companies and institutional users including the FBI, Duke University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Mr. Berkowitz left his position to change professions to allow for greater time with his children and reliance on his own abilities to create value without the politics of the corporate world.

MPB Real Estate provides appraisal and consulting services for institutional, private, and public clients throughout the Southeast and MidAtlantic. The focus of the practice is in the Carolinas.

Mr. Berkowitz has been recognized as one of the foremost experts on property tax appeals in North Carolina and has been solicited as an expert nationally for property tax cases. Mr. Berkowitz has worked with local assessors and private property owners to ensure fairness of assessments.

When away from the office, Mr. Berkowitz enjoys hiking and outdoor attractions throughout North Carolina.

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