Our Mission

For over 15 years, we have seen small businesses paying too much in the cases of property tax, be they, owners or tenants. The mission of Small Business Property Tax Advisors is to provide services for small businesses on a contingency basis. We protect property owners and governmental agencies with the same argument as we intend for properties to be assessed their fair share and no more.

We help owners of many property types

Things You Should Know about Property Tax Assessment

Property taxes are a crucial consideration for property owners, as they represent the highest operating cost. National experts have estimated that approximately 60% of all real estate and nearly 50% of all hospitality properties may be over assessed, which can result in higher property taxes for taxpayers. 

It is important for property owners to take advantage of opportunities for tax savings through regular reviews of their tax situation to avoid paying more than necessary in property taxes.

SBPTA provides a free property analysis to property owners to ensure they are giving a fair share of their property taxes.

Reasons for over-assessed property valuation

  • Inaccurate estimation of fair market value.
  • Use of automated valuation tools instead of human assessors by the taxing authority.
  • Comparison with non-representative property valuations.
  • Difference between replacement cost and market value.
  • Incorrect information used for assessment.
  • Insufficient data on income and expenses.
  • Delay in property assessment.

Our Achivements

Testimonials & Partners

Jeanne K.
Jeanne K.
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We wanted an appraisal to appeal our property taxes. Mr. Berkowitz obtained a settlement above our expectations with no appraisal. He spent the time to explain the best way to move forward. Huge Savings!
Keith N.
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I have used Mr. Berkowitz’s services on a variety of properties and he always presented information that was compelling and persuasive. I highly recommend Mr. Berkowitz.
Dan H.
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I have known Michael Berkowitz since High School. He saved me over $60,000 in property taxes. That is a lot of money for a small business like mine.
Ian P.
Director of Facilities
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We appealed our property taxes and received no change in value. We engaged Mr. Berkowitz, who saved us over $30,000 annually. A job well done!