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Over the years I have seen entrepreneurs enter this market with varying levels of success. The spectrum of facilities is wide and should be reflected in any assessment.

We provide a professional service that is outside the expertise of a banker, lawyer, or accountant. Many of my clients come from these fields.

Cut out the middleman and give us an opportunity to ensure you are paying your fair share of taxes and not a penny more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Typically, you only have 30 days to file an appeal. Do not miss deadlines.
  • When filing appeals, the County will ask for information. Simply state in process.
  • Gather County data used for the assessment
  • Determine the correlation between data used and schedule of values
  • Inform you whether we see an opportunity.
    • If no, then know that your assessment is a reasonable application of the schedule of values published by the County.
    • If yes, provide you with an engagement letter that details what we will do and how much it will cost if we save you money.
  • Some Counties require a Power of Attorney for us to negotiate on your behalf. We will need the form signed and notarized for us to work with some Counties.
  • We may request information including rent roll, expenses and other information that would assist us in supporting a reduction in the assessed value.
  • We may request to visit the property and perform a visual inspection.