Alamance County Property Tax Rates in 2023

Alamance County has a tax rate of $0.65 per $100 of assessed value. This ranks Alamance County 55th of 100 counties in North Carolina for County property tax rates. The average County tax rate in North Carolina is $0.666 per $100 of assessed value. County tax rates can be skewed by the number of municipalities within the County providing services that are otherwise absorbed by the County in more rural areas.

Now, the assessed value of your real property is also taxed by other municipalities in addition to the County. Most towns and cities raise revenues by applying a property tax rate. These monies are typically used to support police and fire and other services that may be provided by the city or town. The following is a chart showing the tax rates for the municipalities in Alamance County.

Municipality-Based Property Tax Rates of Alamance County

Municipality NameAssessed value ($/$100)
Green Level0.3600
Haw River0.6300
Municipality-Based Property Tax Rates

Unincorporated County Properties (Tax Rates)

Unincorporated areas of the county typically must pay for fire and police service in addition to trash pickup. Some counties have additional taxes on unincorporated areas of the county to fund these services. The following chart are additional taxes levied in Alamance County. 

Fire DistrictAssessed Value
54 East0.0900
Altamahaw Ossipee0.1400
E. Alamance0.1050
E. M. Holt0.1175
ELI Whitney/87 South0.1100
Haw River0.1350
North Central Alamance0.1150
North Eastern Alamance0.1000
Snow camp0.1250
Other Special Districts
Burlington Downtown District0.1700
Unincorporated County Properties

If you want to appeal your property, I recommend engaging a consultant with expertise in property valuation and mass appraisal methodology. Neither a lawyer nor an appraisal is necessary for the informal appeal process. You can sign up for a free analysis at We disqualify between 50% to 75% of submittals as the County has applied their schedule of values equitably and the assessed value is fair. Again, nobody is perfect, and it takes a valuation expert to best solve this issue and ensure your taxation is fair and equitable.





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